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"Keeping My Distance*"

Lyrics from snippet

Yeah, yeah
Devo, this sh*t hard

Bro got a case, [?]
They givin' him [?], I hope he okay
Whippin' the wraith, we drivin' in space
The crib got a gate, it's on an estate
n*ggas be hatin', but don't get no pap'
Flooded my chain with baguettes in the face
I keep a Glock and the racks in the safe
n*ggas is rats, so I move like a snake

Popped the umbrella, it's rain in my weather
I'm fly as a feather, I got it together
She got a man, but she told me I'm better
'Cause I get her wetter, but I never met her
n*ggas be talkin' I don't even listen
Like I got corona, I'm keepin' my distance

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