"Moonwalking in Calabasas"

[Verse 1]
Ballin' since I was jit
Way before Oakland and filmin' the skits, I had a goal to get rich
Momma was strugglin' paying the rent
I couldn't help her wIth sh*t
Hate that I'm feelin' so stuck in this b*t*h (Devo this sh*t hard)
Car broke down, can't fix that sh*t
I cried at night, I'll admit that sh*t
O2, old, I'll whip that b*t*h

She left me 'lone but I miss that b*t*h
If she text right now, I'll hit that b*t*h
Old friends like "How you get that lit?"
Same old me but they think I switched
f**k old friends I don't know that b*t*h
Racks too big, can't fold that sh*t
Hand get numb when I hold that sh*t
Momma I told you we gon' be okay
Whippin' that Benz and she live in L.A
Tryna thank God but don't know what to say
Lot of square footage where DDG stay
Bought in August I'm movin' in May

Hop out the foreigns and black as my race
No it's not rented, It's facts in the bank

Spent four hunnid on beanies, easy
She want d**k, she needy, freaky
I like Wraiths, no Lamborghini
She off X, she sleepy, sleepy, yeah
Make me a wish no genie, genie
Vanish on n***as just like Houdini
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