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Let my chain swing
Do my own thing
Imma do my own thing
Until I f*cking pop out
Imma be the one and only
I’m going where I’m going
You see me f*cking glowing
Then I be off now
Watch me when I zone in I am zoned in
Keep on f*cking hoping
Knowing that I’m focused
I’m gone now
Yeah yeah I’m gone now

U can keep on f*cking dreaming
Keep on f*cking creeping
Keep on thinking
Drinking dreaming
Keep on sleeping
Breaking through the ceiling
When We skrrt away u know we speeding
Stay thru the morning then I’m leaving in the evening
Then I walk off cuz I’m leaving

Proceed n
Succeed n
Repeat it yuh X4

When u f*cking see me
See it clearly
See it 3D
U must really wanna be me
I do my sh*t n they gon copy
Sky so starry
U be looking like a zombie
Roads be rocky
You off molly
Don’t come over say your sorry
Don’t come over say your


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