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Skengdo x AM (410)

"Skengdo x AM Freestyle"

[Verse 1 - Skengdo]
Cr-Creep on your block
Just creep up
Coulda told me you're not involved
Don't think I'll just leave ya
(Nah, no way)
Give hella chest shots to a yute
My darg take a breather
Wap come fat, long and black
I knew I was going to need her
n*ggas wan' tear my skin but I'm too worksy for the idiots
Bare ching-chong ching-chong (ching-chong)
It can happen for no reason (nah)
The [?]
Skeng blow him out of his t-shirt (bow, bow)
Whack man's face
Little LD gon' whacked up an eediyat
And he didn't come back, what an eediyat
Stay true to the gang, that's green first
Add a K to the gang, that's dead
You don't wanna end up red
You was tryna be green first
She's on me, I don't need her
Bro step with things
And he told me "bro, better give that a clean first"
Cause I ain't tryna go for a stiffer (never)

[Verse 2- AM]
R-Roll with the Luger
Bang-bang Hallelujah
Witness there, stay over there
Killed a Medusa
Hands in the air, hands in the air
Fill up the hoover (fill it up)
With T that will chew ya
And bang at a bear?
Dup a loser?
Man fill up the car with the crashers
Man pull up, and pull up and bang it
No gloves, how did it happen? (how?)
Man came to the F and just span it
Man roll with the hammer
Man roll with the baddest crashers (skrr skrr)
A new school rapper
Old school banger
Love, love for the green bandana
Drillers, maddest, splashers
Dip, dip, gang (ayy)
Dip, splash, bangers
Gang bang, no manners
Dip, splash, bangers
Gang bang, no manners
No manners

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