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"Fountain (isolation live in Ödeshög)"

[Intro: Barbelle]
What lies beyond the fringe of the woods?
Dust to dust, so we leave for good

[Verse 1]
What lies beyond the fringe of the woods?
Dust to dust, so we leave for good
When all has gone to blazes, I start to run
Until I find places where nobody’s gone

No more weight on your conscience
With ease I go back to the start

Surge like a fountain, like tide
And swallow the bleed
Flows like a fountain inside
Gather force from the sea
Riding this giant wave, untied
Let it wash me clean

[Verse 2]
Crawling through deafening cold
Turning head, there’s no sight of home
Though my body’s aching, we have to push on
For every stride, a new line is drawn
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