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Trippie Redd


We got all the smoke

[Chorus: AYLEK$]
Ooh, you got me in the mood
My mood is gratitude
My baby grab the tool
Big choppers on me, thats' factual (factual)
Why yo lil' baby wanna hit my line all sexual? (sexual)
I gotta go my schedule ain't flexible (flexible)
The way she bouncing on that d**k she flexible (she flexible)
Told that little hoe my chopper is bisexual (bisexual)

[Verse: Trippie Redd]
Yeah, you know I keep a choppa on stand-by
Got my baby by my side she gon' stand by
Talkin' down on the gang, b*t*h you can die (can die)
Rollin' round
Ride or die
She's my burn or die
See everything with a 3rd eye view
Gotta bless a n***a like I said "achoo"
Married to the game like I said "I do"
My choppas go "bang bang"
b*t*h yo sh*t gon' "pew pew"
In a field one, with some real ones
That's a real gun
b*t*h, this sh*t real fun
Let us stay in church
pu**y like a real nun
And I'm reppin' 1400 gang you better build one
(Yeah yeah)
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