Trippie Redd

"Who Needs Love"


f**k your love, f**k it, I don't want none of it (Yeah)
f**k your trust, f**k it, I don't want none of it, no (Yeah)
f**k you, f**k you, I don't need your love, ho, yeah (Don't need your love, don't need your love)

Yeah, but who needs love? (Love)
That ain't never changed sh*t (Yeah)
Still the same, I never changed, b*t*h (Yeah)
I been roamin' 'round with the same clique
I been rollin' 'round with the gang, b*t*h
f**k your squad and who you came with
In a foreign car, I'm switchin' lanes quick
And I'm destined for this f**king greatness, ayy

And I don't got time for a b*t*h that's gon' slow a n***a like me down (Yeah, yeah)
'Cause I keep on speed racin' to the motherf**king cash, n***a, I'm a f**kin' cash cow, uh
Stuntin' like my motherf**king daddy, b*t*h (Like my dad)
Spent a hundred on a ring and a Patek wrist (On a Patek wrist, yeah)
And the chopper on my hip is automatic, b*t*h (Automatic, b*t*h, yeah)
Get to brrah, I get to blastin' sh*t (Bah), yeah
Don't f**k with me, don't say that (Don't say that)
That bullsh*t, shawty, save that (Save that)
I knew shawty since way back
Way back when I was eatin' it up, beatin' it up, ayy (Woo)
Eatin' it up, beatin' it up, ayy (Woo)
Feastin' it up, feastin' it up, ayy (Woo)
Livin' it up, livin' it up, ayy (Yeah)
We did it, yeah, we did it, yeah, ayy (Yeah, yeah)
Still the same though (Alright), still the same ho (Okay), yeah
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