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Trippie Redd

"Oomps Revenge 2"


On a mission again
Hundred racks, my fingers itchin' again
In the distance again
I see 'em hatin' in the mist and the wind
Hope they fall off a cliff in the end
Came from wishin' on sins
I'm big dawg, yeah, I'm Clifford again
We get them packs and we shippin' 'em in
Turnin' boys to men
Never livin' unemployed again
Never livin' off your boy again, yeah
Everything 'plex
Never nothin' foul on the set
Go a hundred thousand miles for the set
Hundred thou' on the neck
Chin up, never look down on respect
Never change, money, power, respect
I deal with social neglect
I told you "Get it", but you ain't focusin' yet
n***as b*t*hes, actin' bogus, upset
Cryin' over the neck
I'ma beat crime in a Rolls or a Jag...

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