Trippie Redd


Lyrics from Snippets

Killer music, n***a (Haha)
1400/800 gang (Yeah)
Ha (Bah)
Huh, haha
Woo (Yeah, uh)

[Verse 1]
New panoramic, I keep a stick, why the f**k would I panic?
Why the f**k would I worry? You know I'ma blam it
Up in the sky and my gang is enhancin'
Diamonds on me and they muhf**kin' dancin'
Manson, demon child, b*t*h, I'm like Marilyn
I'm with a b*t*h with her nails and her hair did
Don't f**k with n***as like Terry
Smack me with cheese and call me a Karen
She get on her knees but don't wanna get married
I'm milkin' her face but she don't do no dairy
Got rid of the kid but still gotta carry
I pull out her weave, I'm no ordinary
I stick with them P's like muf**kin Perry the platypus
Severe multiple hands, collateral
You can't gеt to the top, it's the lateral
n***as ain't got no balls, thеy die slow
Moving in multiple cars and doing the dash, ho (Skrrt)
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