Space Time* lyrics

Trippie Redd

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(Album of the motherf**king year, ya dig?)

Yeah, travel through space time
I travel through space time
I'm busy on May time
Word, my mom talked through the grape vine
I've been running the block like a Canine
Got the Glock in your mom, havin' FaceTime
Gotta praise Allah out in Dubai
You a b*t*h, like your mom, got a tubes tied
27 steppin' in the moonlight
Sippin' on lean, no Moonshine
Tried to kill the opps, but they won't die
Don't play with my shooter, he too fried
Went and spin this block like two times
Don't see nobody, I'm hungry
I went to McDonald's and ordered like two fries
Came a long way from the mornin' and using the stove to make chicken pot pie
Play with my name then we drop dimes
Better teach the opps street signs
n***as be mad we top five
n***as be mad we top five
n***as be mad we top five
n***as be mad we top five...

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