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[Verse 1 - AyJay]
I be on that high tier
Muhf*ckin gas, have you gone for a light year
I ain't quite near
Where you goin? To the top
Like a f*ckin' sightseer
Smokin OG so much i think i might die here
Run up getcha chain snatched, getcha brains bashed
Actin' like you make rack but you never slang jack
I don't f*ck with new friends, only those from wayy back
I been zooted in the Maybach, i only state facts
b*tch you know i keep a tool, foolin' if you doubt me
I ain't coolin', i'm the only homie boolin' in the county
Get from round me, i ain't chillin' but this ice on me freezin
I don't pull up, 'less im pullin' up to fight then i'm leavin'

[Verse 2 - BOLLIN]

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