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"Molly and Dior"


Drugs on Drugs, need an addy break
Dancin like a rabbit i got all these karats on my face
Wavy off the henny, goddamn it feel like I need a cape
I be diggin through her insides like the great escape

Coupe with the top down, my whole outfit say Dior
Got a misdemeanor, but I'm way to high to be in court
Look up to my heroes, they tellin me not to pop no more
I’m collecting ice, and I still got time to pour a four

Verse 1

All these empty bottles giving memories to someone else
Bonnie and Clyde, u know I can’t do it by myself
Feel like i’ve been flyin, with a hoe and a Gucci belt
Faded with Yung Sweet, and we pullin up to

I’m just tryna beat the odds, I don’t know if I’ll last all day
When u left my life all u wanted to do was erase
Feelin kinda wild nowadays, i found better strains
I just stole your b*t*h, no regrets but she is insane

My wallet filled with green
My wallet filled with cheese
These b*t*hes are easy
Damn, I might need a three piece
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