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Brotha Lynch Hung Lyrics

Kevlar (2019)

Premeditated (2017)

Bullet Maker (2016)

The Chicken Hill Project (2016)

The Gas Station, Vol. 2 (2014)

Orca (2012)


The Opera/Angels and Demons (2011)

Strange Days Tour: A Decade of Excellence (2010)

The Gas Station (2010)

Contagious Mixtape Vol. 1 (2009)

Starters In The Game (2008)

The Fixxx (2007)

Appearances: Book 1 (2002)

Book III (2002)

The Virus (2001)

Snake Eyes (2000)

Mob Tales (Compilation) (1999)

Pray 4 Me (1997)

Rapmasters: From tha Priority Vaults, Vol. 5 (1996)


If These Walls Could Talk

Setrip'n Bloccstyle

Setrippin' Bloccstyle

Settripin' Bloccstyle

Strange Days Tour: A Decade Of Excellence

The Best of Brotha Lynch Hung/BMR 2000

Through the Eyes of She

Other Songs

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