Sada Baby

"Detroit Red"

Hey hey hey hey hey hey!
I get the impression you think that I'm da lil dog
You treat me like dat
Imma pull this choppa and knock yo lid off
Perky lift off
I got dem bands on me, I'm gettin off
Aye knock that sh*t off
Before lil blood nem' knock yo sh*t off (hey!)

I think these n***as think Sada be on dat tit for tat
We don't do no back and forth scuba
Just bought some sticks for dat
I know what you askin for
You gon get you a clip with dat
Walkin with dem cans, like it's a six pack (uh!)

n***as real petty, n***as real broke
n***as really b*t*hes, n***as really hoes
I used to get in trouble, now I'm gettin foreigns
I'll kill yo daughter daddy, don't play round wit me boy
n***as really punks, ain't pulled up on me once
I ain't gon play wit none
Four nem' gone put you in the trunk
I been in a slump, still 40'd up
Fat Man pour me up, Pupu hand my cup
n***a say I got the big head
Cause yo b*t*h call me big head
I still let her know that sh*t dead
Cause I been playin round with dem big bands
15 hunnid on joggers
25 bands my chain
PGK my gang
b*t*h google my name (uh!)
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