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Sada Baby

"Gettin’ Off"

Ayy x13
I just got up off that row yes I did (yes I did)
I'm on my way home, yes I is (yes I is)
Hit that b*tch front of her kids yes I did (yes I did)
I'm gon' do that sh*t again yes I is (I is)
And send a clip in that strap yes it does (it does)
Skuba receiving in that trap yes he was (he was)
And send a clip in that strap yes it does
Skuba receiving in that trap yes it was

All red lookin' like Westside cuz
Give me all head b*tch baby yes I love
How lean that n*gga wanna test this thugs
Sticks get to pokin' like we tryna test his blood
Get to pressin' buttons like I'm tryna test my mic
Pop a n*gga then I pop a Perc catch my flight
Hood b*tch one baby she a stripper my type
Double cup no pitchers no liquor all ice
Ayy ayy ayy ayy ayy ayy

Posted up on the corner
Don't really feel like talkin'
Percosets in my pocket
Choppers in granny closet
Ain't got no time for crazy
All of my n*ggas is with me
They got that hundred today ay ay ay ay

Lil n*gga be serving now
Before we swerving n*ggas is nervous
What is you worried about
Is it cause I got my dirty op
You gon be worried the rest of your life
Cuz i'm gon keep building the murder count
Doing the wrong makin you feel wrong
Het the brand new hearses out

You a b*tch
String b*tch
PGK gon bling bling
Your b*tch called me king
Bought her Saint Laurent g strings

Get your selfie
Soon as the b*tches left me
Now I'm rich and sexy
Billy can left me
Both of my shooters deadly just so we can ride a

Greyhound with them pints n*gga yes I was
Me and Fatman kill a hundred n*ggas Westside cuz
Chopper's got the big bullets in it
Guess what it'll do
223 or it either be them 762s

I got a faithful fiend never miss a blue-oh
You know I got all my sticks in the studio
My old n*ggas still shootin' uncle Drew-oh
She suck the di*k with no hands like it's you-oh
Left the probation building got the juice poured
I and lookin' at no whip less it's 2 door
Pink drink in my glass ain't no Nuvo
75 bands in 6 months give me kudos

Put a tek to a n*gga noggin
Leave a n*gga fresh in the coffin
Xanax made me nauseous
Percosets made me cautious
2 chains on my chest just knew a n*gga blessed
These diamonds cost me
b*tch wanna have sex we ain't even gotta text
Hoes waiting on the corners

I'ma get rich with all my n*ggas
I'ma shoot sticks for all my n*ggas
See you b*tch at all you n*ggas
I know what be wrong with n*ggas

You n*ggas be broke
You n*ggas ain't go no money that ain't my problem
You n*ggas wanna smoke I'm good with the lil n*ggas gunnin' you here n*gga on me huh

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