Lil Mosey

Yeah (Ayy, Royce, you did it right here), yeah

I was broke, now a young n***a flexed up
In the foreign switchin' lanes, you can't catch up
You was hatin', but you switched up 'cause I'm next up
I got lean and some 40 in my red cup
b*t*hes changed and act like I ain't noticed
Gettin' money, n***a, that's my main focus
With .223 and you act like you don't know this
Bro popped a bean, me and my n***as always rollin'

[Verse 1]
Your ho tweaking
Me and KK Wok, we always geekin' (Always geekin')
Leakin', yeah, my fours leave your body leaking (Boom, boom)
I be road runnin' every season (Every season)
And I just count up bands, my neck is freezin', ayy (Count up bands)
Me, JD, linked with South End, we was thuggin' (We was thuggin')
Outside totin' rachets, holdin' on the work, we runnin' (Hold on work)
Now we counting bands, yeah, my n***as always thumbin' (Always thumbin')
And we don't give a f**k 'cause my n***as always drummin'
I was watching, steady plottin', pistol totin' (Pistol totin')
Mixin' beans with my lean, that sh*t had me floating (Mixin' beans)
I was broke, now I'm eating, stomach feelin' bloated (Feelin' bloated)
I been showed you how to flex, young n***a wrote it (How to flex)

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