Lil Mosey

"Stuck in a Dream"

[Intro: Lil Mosey]
Ayy, Royce, you did it right here

[Chorus: Lil Mosey]
Still poppin' Xans, 2019
Pour up the lean, got me stuck in a dream (Lean)
Started hittin' licks back in 2014 ('14)
I got the ice on me, drippin' CELINE (CELINE)
Flawless came in off a hun' (Hun')
Me and my n***as still drippin' for fun (Yeah, we drippin')
Been knew I was the one (One)
Still got n***as on the run, yeah (On the run, yeah)

[Verse 1: Lil Mosey]
I got these diamonds, my chain swang
I got these bands, ain't sh*t changed
Talkin' like you want that smoke (Smoke)
We want the same thing (Brra)
I got a brand new check (Check)
Then I put ten on my neck, mmm
Then I got a new Patek, yeah
Fly in that b*t*h with a TEC
Six on a new fit, fifty for a drop-top (Drop)
I was off a bean, the Tech made me Wock' talk (Talk)
Never been a lame, ain't sh*t to make her top drop
Smokin' on gas, 'Wood how I lift off
Last year was broke, this year flooded a Patek
I keep fourteen racks in my Seattle attic
I hit her two times, then you n***as can have it (Oh-oh)
My young n***as pull up and shoot like the Magic (Prrt)
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