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Lil Mosey


[Intro: Lil Mosey]
Ooh, uhh (Gezin)
Yeah, yeah, yeah

[Verse 1: Lil Mosey]
He killed that n***a but he wish he ain't had to (Brrah)
Come with me I'm finna show you what this cash do (Big cash)
Foreigns out, yeah, when we pass through (Skrrt, skrrt)
Better route, found it, yeah, I had to
Rest in peace my n***a Kari, told me stack them chips (Kari)
And I ran it up, yeah, fifty on my wrist (Bands)
In my city, it get greazy (Uh)
Racks in the air, she countin' for me (Ah)

[Chorus: Lil Mosey]
Bands on me, when I walk through (What it is)
What is you sayin'? Uh, watch who you talk to (Who you talk to)
I got banana, clip bring that chop through
I got my n***as, any city step through
I got banana, clip better lay low
That b*t*h go bananas, do what I say so (b*t*h)
Know it feel good, uh, when that case close (Case close)
See me in my city countin' Pesos (Pesos)

[Verse 2: 28AV]
Called up lil' brody, we gon' flaunt that (Flaunt)
Ay, keep a chopstick, that's a hot stem (Ah, ah)
Ain't no fog up in these diamonds, no flawed gem
Yellow VV on me lookin' like throat phlegm
Copped a Rollie out in London call it Big Ben (Ben)
'Nana clip hold fifty, get yo' whip taken (Gang)
Feel another milli' comin' out my sixth sense (Uh)
Shawty cool but who the hell her thick friend (Ay)
Big stepper, you a flip flip
That ho bored, tell her go and make a TikTok
I'm from Seattle, G, all we do it get guap
You a tattletale, sucka, you a big opp
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