Lil Mosey


Lyrics from Snippet

Everywhere I go, she's the same b*t*h as she's always [?]
Shook 'cause she's famous hon', 'cause she's got a $100K or sum'
f**k with her, she get dangerous hon', yeah, she get dangerous hon'
Still love when I pull up
Throw a party might, have lil' b*t*hes
Someone, she find herself, how she pulled up
And right away, she got straight to takin' her clothes off
She party when she wanna, everybody look like "Whoa"
We threw a lot of commas, shе went straight to the pole
It's likе she don't think 'bout sh*t, she just be on go
And she don't even care, she don't keep sh*t
I love when she get splashed
In the limelight, she love shakin' ass
She wasn't f**kin' wit' us, she get on her smash
She in love with big butts and she brought her bag
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