Asleep* lyrics

Lil Mosey

Lyrics from Snippet

Hmm, hmm-hmm
Yeah, uh-uh-uh
Uh, hmm-hmm

Yeah, I be tryna talk like they really understand us (Understand us)
I came from a place where nobody got no Santas (No)
Role model, one lucky n***a with his bands up (Bands up)
I was just with twelve years, screamin' "Put your hands up" (Put your hands up)
b*t*h, I'll say it one time for the n***as in the back (Back)
Don't f**kin' lose your heart, yeah, you'll never get it back (Oh)
I be thinkin' 'bout my day ones, be like, "Where this n***a at?"
'Cause he was supposed to be right nеxt you while I'm runnin' up this sack
And I ain't tryna take thesе pills no more, there's too many times I relapsed (Oh)
And I know that life goes on, but it feel like I'm runnin' laps
Sometimes this feels like a dream, like I'ma wake up from a nap
Feel like everybody changin' around me, I don't know how to react
Been a long time since my dawg called (Called)
And he in the cell for long, long time
That was my loss (My loss)
And I've been tryna heal my pain, give me time, dawg (Give me time, dawg)
I'm tryna get away but there's demons in my karma (Karma)
And that n***a off a Perc', just said he not enough (He not enough)
They say, "When you asleep, you feel your best"
'Cause when you awake, sh*t not enough
But I'll be here when you call (Call)

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