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[Verse 1: Burnkas]
Area 51
Hysteria if they come
This bullet will make you run
My lyrics will make you dumb
My nuts hit the floor
My nuts hang so low
My briefs Ralph Lauren
She ride like polo
I got ten hoes
Nine Glocks sending eight shots
I'm in the trap but I ain't a rat
Six packs
Five pounds of that sour patch
Fourth down
I'm in the field, I might take a [?]
Three bullets
Have that n*gga running out his [?]
Two cops
One shell [?]
f*ck the law
I'll do anything if its illegal
Catch an opp
Make that n*gga chill with some dead people
Been evil
And I'm stuntin' on 'em like Knievel
Selling white
I ain't giving n*ggas no damn needle

[Verse 2: Drownmili]
Yuh yuh
Yuh yuh
Yuh yuh

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