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"God Complex"

[Intro: ZOTiYAC]
These n*ggas can't f*ck with me (x3)
God sh*t!
These n*ggas can't f*ck with me
These n*ggas can't f*ck with me
These n*ggas can't f*ck with me

[Verse 1: ZOTiYAC]
b*tch don't hit my line, I ain't reply but it's about that time
Must be out your mind, you blew my phone up like a thousand times
On my grind, don't make lose my spot, I'm steady counting mine
Told that lil' b*tch "take a hike", she don't how to mountain climb
I went a bought a new tits for the broad
I bought the b*tch a new bra for her tits
Went and bought Heist a new blade for his wrists
Lil' mama bought me a new clip for the licks
She tryna find where my di*k is, ayy
I told that b*tch keep your distance, ayy
You don't wanna p*ss off the misses, ayy
'Cause if my bae shoot she ain't missin', ayy
They use to make fun of, back when I was younger
But now they just want my attention, ayy
I do what I wanna, but I keep my gun up
'Cause if n*ggas run up I'm with my K
I can't pop the trunk, it might not even fit
Somebody tell mama I'm sorry for this
But I can't forget that these b*tches ain't sh*t
So I dig up the dish where the bodies dipped
They n*ggas pus*y like Powerpuff, I round 'em up
The corpses I pile 'em up
b*tch I'm Fredo when I'm f*cking popping out the cut and
I'm a nut head too when I'm about bust
Lil' boy I got your b*tch on ice
You pull up, hope you got that pipe
Is losing a thot, worth losing your life, and
She left your ass, nah that really ain't right

[Sampling: Kanye West]
Everybody says who does he think he is
I just told you who I thought I was, a god
I made that decision based off of my eye
I'm not your boy
I am a god
There are two words: A God, and that is exactly who I am
There's no one around here in this space that looks like me and
I'm just saying were don't know what the f*ck is real
Everybody is being served and that's the [?]
So at the moment, I am a god
I gotta f*ck sh*t up and
I'ma try and make it three-dimensional and
f*ck you and your corporation y'all n*ggas can't control me on your first angle

[Verse 2: Cyn187]
f*ck all that peace, I come with the piece
Trip, you gon see, your b*tch on her knees
Gun is so big that you flip when I squeeze
Yo mama say please, "Please don't do it"
Watch what happens when a n*gga act stupid
Claim that you boolin', this come with the Rugers and
The guns is so long, can't measure up with rulers
Watch when we school ya, aim from a [?]
Turn into stone and my gun is Medusa
Bullets gon' reduce it, f*ck is you on?
Who want smoke with tha god
When the smoke clears [?]
Can't run, can't hide, lemme know where you are
Keep the 9 in the car so I take it through far
Hop out, get his chain, hop back in the car and
Say my name three times and I'm there where you are
b*tch, I'm a god, I said it before
Say it again, won't tell you no more
Knuckles are bloody, my wrist is all sore
Another John Doe washed up on the shore
Walk with a four, yeah is on my hip
No trust foe, but we catch you if you trip
n*gga if you trip, them my clique [?]

[Outro: ZOTiYAC]

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