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[Verse 1: ZOTiYAC]
f*ck if he talking then I'm at his stove
Just asked yo b*tch how it feel to get choked
She got the wet 'fore a n*gga get stroked
I got the wet 'fore a n*gga get soaked
Re-up and we up we fresh off the boat
Fire a clip, anybody want smoke
Get his ass burnt that boy thought he was cold
I brought clique, I brought pipe pus*y you could get both

[Verse 2: Cyn187]
Opp for the bread, [?]in his toast
n*gga want war then I level yo coast
Don't stand to close or I reach for the coat
Body in the sea we can see if it float
Bullets seek heat so we see when you near
n*gga wanna front then we aim through the rear
Gun to his gear, run me that gear
Hush on the end so nobody can hear

[Verse 3: ZOTiYAC]
Say you the sh*t, n*gga I just smell fear
This, here, make you disappear
Don't really give a f*ck how this appear
I just approach them and knock off peers
I can see God when I look in the mirror
I can see you when I look through the rear
f*ck it, I spray if 'em if they wanna bang
If it ever get dirty we down for the stain

[Verse 4: Cyn187]
Remember my name, Cyn [?]
Popping the clips, you get hit from the range
Gun if you trip, make the trip from my hip to your face
Stay in the way, you get taken away
Squeezing, it spray, please boy you lame
Even you gray and you pale in the face
Frail and he brake, his life is at stake
Now we leaving the stage
Be where he stay, outside his place
Roaring that K, n*ggas that pop, that's one foot in the grave
n*ggas be hunting, we looking for pay
Mama be crying and looking away

[Verse 5: ZOTiYAC]
I here the sirens, ain't nothing to say
Hit the fences, get the f*ck out my way
I prey on the predators they can get ate
Before I pull a 9 extension and spray
Addicts they see me and know I got fixed
Grip up on the fifth 'cause I cannot slip
Run up on a n*gga it's a blitz
Act like a hoe and get one in yo wig
My shooters they always be down for the shot
Box cut a n*gga, ain't tryna box
Crow in the cut and you quick to get chopped
If n*gga touch me they dropped
f*ck a cop 'cause I don't f*ck with opps, and
f*ck the pen 'cause the can't keep me locked
Don't want no beef, be around with the wop
Shotty shot, we fill him up with watts
Tommy gun, I'm Stewie with the pops
Tummy tuck I leave him sick to his stomach
Vegas summer see this sh*t'll get hot
Kansas City when the air get cold
The boy take a L if he do not get low
Squeeze on them triggers like they broke and
I leave a n*gga stiff and moving slow
Get put on a plate if he wanna get bold
Please don't test me or get put on your neck
I'm putting work on the n*ggas who flex
Lost yo mind and now you losing your life
Where yo stripes, you ain't got sh*t, you get wiped
Like a plumber I'm the one with the pipe
Jason Voorhees, I'm the one with the mask
Freddy Krueger, b*tch I come out at night and
If I catch you sleeping, I'm dumping on sight
Not a pretty boy but Floyd, I come for the fight
Michael Myers, I'm the one with the knife
Firefighters, I can put out your light
Why you lying, you don't know 'bout the night
From the gun and now get ready to strike
Uppercut and I feel like I'm Mike
Shoot another man, I feel like I'm Mike
A b*tch with no balls, what the f*ck you a dyke

[Verse 6: Cyn187]
Illing I'm diligent, forgive my ignorance
Scalp him and pull that sh*t back
He get the pistol whip, finally, and
The same body was still in a bag in the back
Sealing a stack, go through the stash
Shot through the glass though his head hit the dash
No ID, can't see through the mask
Say the wrong thing and you see how we spaz

[Outro: Cyn187]
Hourly counting up counterparts, have a heart
Never spark, getting dark, dangerous dueling with [?]
Blow apart, open the case just to show his heart
Blood on the pave so you know it's art
Carrying in twos like it's Noah's Ark, copping his b*tch
Ain't no bargain with, this carpenter's tent
I've been nailing your b*tch, and she out on the boat
Yeah she riding my ship

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