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[Verse 1: Angel Heist]
I check yo b*tch, that's head to toe
That's why I keep my head with foes
ZOTiYAC that's my big bro
You step on mine, don't hit me phone
Don't take a hit, get back, ayy
b*tch Betty, ready got packs, ayy
f*ck around, [?] got smacked, ayy
Don't put your hand on my sack
[?] in a second, don't talk 'bout my presence
f*ck around and still ain't carry no weapon
Fifty seconds and I leave you like peasant
Snitchin' [?] your head in a second
Snuck in yo house, we don't need the key
These people be deep like the infantry
f*ck what you do, don't play wit me
pus*y be deep like the ocean sea

[Bridge: ZOTiYAC]
I came to f*ck some sh*t up, yuh
I might just shoot up the club, yuh
Whoever said she want f*ck, yuh
Goddamn the lightning just struck
I never give 'em my trust, yuh
Try to finesse me, I bust, yuh
Claim my music for yo b*tch, woah
Lil n*gga you got some guts

[Verse 2: ZOTiYAC]
'Cause I'm too attractive, yo girl too ecstatic
The word is impacting, I'm over my head
The call me the Magnus, I feel like a magnet
I whip out the Magnum if we never met
But I think it's wonderful, yo b*tch too comfortable
I give her Lunchables, she give me head
And after I clapping, if I'm not relaxing
I think I'm relapsing, collapse and I'm dead
These n*ggas should know what the f*ck it is
I might cop a dawg but can't cuff a b*tch
I'm holdin' that heat like an oven mitt
These n*ggas want beef they can suck a di*k
No more cannot bleed from my f*cking wrist
b*tch gimme the shot I'll be bussin' it
Lowkey, I think I'm way above this sh*t
Pas-pish, the choppa be stutterin'
Nothing to say, I might shoot it, ayy
Keeping my cool I might lose it, ayy
I show up to school but don't do sh*t, ayy
But everyone know I'm not stupid, ayy
I'm way ahead of these students, ayy
I give a f*ck 'bout your movements, ayy
If it ain't the Crow, then it's useless, ayy
So you keep on droppin' that bullsh*t, ayy
n*ggas be smoking on boof sh*t, ayy
The headache, that muhf*ckin' tumor, ayy
I do not listen to rumors, ayy
I clean that lil b*tch like a broomer, ayy

[Outro: ZOTiYAC]
n*gga catch a fade
If he duck, we can play
Pistol tucked, hit the pave
Pretty sh*t, meet yo grave
Totin' that .40 and he can get sprayed
I am not offended b*tch are you afraid
Pull the extended clip, gun is like short
I wanna remember this, put it on tape

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