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"I’m Reloaded"

You're a Boy From the Hood

Know what I'm sayin'
I'm on all gang sh*t, you dig?

Would you play with me, my little Boy From the Hood?

Aye, aye
What, what
Hold on

What, what
Hold on, hold on

[Verse 1: Mikey PX]:
This lil' b*tch a diva
I f*ck her, don't need her
I walk in this b*tch with my heater
Police say it's smelling like reefer
We bang like a speaker
f*ck n*gga, you want her, then keep her
They love me, they know I'm a geeker
Yo n*gga, ya tweaker
Some sh*t for yo' nose, he a sneeze
My [?] it came with a freezer
Get hit with the bleeper
Get hit with the blicky
I'm ballin' like Ricky
I'm ballin' like [?] in the 60's
My plug, he stay in the 60's
f*ck n*gga, come get me
He say he gon' shoot, better hit me
Run up, do a n*gga like 50
Baby, that's if [?]
Don't get me started, don't tempt me
Choppa, I walk with a limp, these
Shoes came from Italy
Hold on, lil' b*tch [?]

Get hit with the
Get hit with the

Get hit with the burner so quickly
P-90 start p*ssin' & leave n*ggas sh*tty
That Uzi start spittin' and empty
I bust out real fast, then I leave like a quickie
& I keep this sh*t like 150
n*gga want smoke, I got more
Tell him come get me
You tweakin', you reach for 'bout 350
He tried to take that, he take that like P Diddy
Yo' b*tch want the di*k, tell her hit me
If I ain't busy
n*gga, I slide in a jiffy
I'm in that b*tch ear, with some sh*t like I'm Drizzy
How can I be Shy, when I'm totin' this Glizzy
Grab it up, matte for the whip
I lift that, it's gon' crack on yo' back like a whip, b*tch!
Roll up, just empty & dip
Ain't got time for them scraps, cause it's metal in here

[Verse 3: Mikey PX]:
Like it's metal in here
Like it's Kevin Federline here
With the Britney, like work, girl I'm mailing this sh*t
Like them n*ggas you with, they be tellin' and sh*t
And I'm potent, I move like a snail in this b*tch

[Verse 4: Zotiyac]:
And I'm totin', I'm grippin'
I slide in this b*tch
That lil' pus*y got wings, I'ma fly in some sh*t
Roll a dice, and a n*gga might die in this b*tch

[Verse 5: Mikey PX]:
With the set, used to Crip in the cut
And the dope, it got me high as f*ck
Smoke again, cause I ain't high enough
& yo' b*tch, she ride di*k like a truck
Couple bands, I be runnin' it up
See you n*gga, you run - I'ma dump
And yo' b*tch, she be runnin' amuck
I'ma keep her, it's fun when we f*ck

[Verse 6: Zotiyac]:
n*gga tested the waters, good luck
Got some hollows, they shallow as f*ck
Want smoke, then we pop it out cuts

[Outro: Mikey PX + Zotiyac]:
All you n*ggas 'bout tough, so
I'm feelin' like Russell
Lil' b*tch, like a grip, I'ma bust you

Suppressor too subtle
I'm feelin' like f*ck you
b*tch, I be like Nip, on my Hussle

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