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"Get Lost (Remix)"

[Verse 1: Pajaz]
Hop out the whip, and I'm grabbin the Glock, and I'm shooting non-stop, then I tell em Get Lost
Grabbin a knife still grabbin your wife she ain't faithful I got hoes by my side

[Verse 2: ZOTiYAC]
n*ggas want smoke but ain't smokin up
If that lil n*gga want blow, foe nem, smoke em up
Addin his b*tch on the facebook first poker face then I ended up poking her

[Verse 3: Pajaz]
Poking then laughing, toe tagging all victims, ain't got no time for the witnesses
Whip out that wop and I'm goin so Brazy I'm bloodn, no shame like dem mistresses

[verse 4: ZOTiYAC]
I jus b slippin in sauce
I do the dash n get lost
I drop the top of my roof
She lift the top of her bra
You dont want no drama then take tf off
When I whip out tht [?] and shake the dust off
Pull out the clip like im shavin sum off
Gimme all of that sh*t i ain't savin dat off

[Verse 4: Pajaz]
Flip that doe then I do it again
Flippin that hoe then I'm doing her friend
Pirates pretend, to be your best man
When in reality, countin up 10s
A month later he still in the precinct
Still a hater still steady beefin
You do you and I get that doe

[Bridge: ZOTiYAC]
That n*gga gon run off he fall when im dumpin dat
This ain't no run off the fog's where we dump em at

[Hook: Pajaz]
Get Lost, please, Get Lost
Couldn't care bout u swingin a Glock x4

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