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"CROW LIFE, ROTTEN WORLD (feat. Zotiyac)"

[Verse 1: Swerzie]
I am not friends with you rappers
Rotten my gang, that's the only exception
They cannot see what is in my perception
I'm finna put the rap game in recession
All y'all food like I'm at the concession
"Swerzie the goat", they gon' say in confession
If you want problems, no beef my obsession
I'll f*ck on your life, have your mom in depression
Walk with a Glock, and like Stacks imma pull out
I don't do rules, fighting clean imma rule out
My b*tch she text me, said I need to cool out cause we both know that I am bout pulling the tool out
This is not [?] but this chopper get silly
This kick could go dumb, imma bring the whole fool out
Labels, they blowing my phone on the daily cause they know that I am bout bringing that mool out
Draco, it come with a pistol grip handle
I'm finna light this b*tch up like a candle
Shooting the parking lot, making a scandal
Now 12 on my ass cause they know I'm a vandal
Two straps on me like a Birkenstock sandal
Shading my name and my city get cancelled
Standing against me, you bout to get trampled
Look at my rivals from back as examples
I don't like talking, I like to go run up
You hear me talking, you better have your gun up
I got to war from tonight till the sun up
I will not stop till I know that y'all done up
All y'all hating, man, go get y'all fuzz up
You try to pass me, my team, they gon' one up
Rotten my clique, they whole city wan' hunt us
And they trying to join cause there's legends among us

[Verse 2: Zotiyac]
38 on me, I'm making a statement
I'm in your state, n*gga, show me your statements
Just stand right there, we gon' leave your sh*t bacon
Try me, I'm doing your man in like Peyton
n*gga be talking bout all of this sh*t on the internet, when they see me, they don't mean it
I got a bullet f*ck n*gga gon' intercept if he do attempt to try intervening
Bullet gon' hit through the top of the beamer
Get your head hit, it's gon' split like Melina
We shot out his thighs, gon' knock out his femur
Your homie an op, heard that boy work for FEMA
n*gga know I keep the Tommy like Dreamer
Rotten the steamer, hop out and eat ya
New DE, knock that boy out them Adidas
I don't like talking, I like to get cracking
I wasn't taught how to show no compassion
See your homie? Chalk him if he ever lacking
We ain't gon act, you gon' get a reaction
Aye, and it's like that, try gang, ain't no getting your life back
This flame on my hip, imma light that
Feel the pain from this b*tch 'fore them lights flash

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