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When biggie was it was all a dreamin’
I could hear my father screamin’
He was either bored or even short of leavin’
Striving to make a living decent

I was struggling with my demons
Lying to my mother even stealing out her purse was my weaknesss
If i could find a reason
I tried to keep up with my friends who had more money in then we did..

Now that my youth is leaving
I realised you have to fall to be so seasoned
The way the asthma had me breathin’
Felt my soul leaving once when i was wheezin’
Heaving out the pain around me on the average evening

Watched my sister struggle reeling
At a young age i wondered what’s the meaning ll ..
If i could take them back best believe it looking forward to it even....
She said it might be best if it stay in the past baby leave it...

Baba can you tell me what’s the meaning
Of all the hurt all the struggle all the feeling..
We need some healing

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