Welcome To The Record
(Oh my god Erin
Look at her duck-b***
It's just so big
She looks like one of thoes scene guys girlfriends
But who understands thoes scene guys anyway
I mean..her duck-b***..It's just so big
I can't believe it
It's just so black and out there
Look she's just s--so..EMO.)

Welcome to the record
I hope you like it
I made music in my bedroom
And then i miced it
If you see me around at school
Tell me that you thought it was kind of cool
My name is forrest and im tall and lanky
The girls always tell me 'homie, you so stanky'
I've worn these jeans for the last four weeks
I've been too busy with my rhymin techniques

Welcome to the record
I know you'll like it
I brought this football
So that i could spike it
If you see me rhymin and stealin
Tell me good vibes is what you feelin
My name is jesse and i'm hot and steamy
Ladies always tell me 'jesse, you so dreamt'
I made these jeans look the way they do
And i'm corporate spronsered so i do the dew
H to the E to the L-L-O
Hellogoodbye on the microphone
G double O, D-B-Y-E
I've got no rhythm and I can't sing(x2)