Mysterious You
Just when I think that I know you
Greens and pinks come in new hues
Colors by the thousands I had never seen

So you can see why I wonder about the sea
And what's under
How they are the same and how they separate

The water’s cold it bites the skin
But I don't care, I'm diving in
I’ve got to know what lies within
Underneath the surface

Mysterious you

Made a pact
We made a campsite
Bathed in black
Only lamplight
Illuminates a thousand years of evergreens
And you can see your relation to a tree
Pure elation
Swirls over you like being born again (for the first time)

World so big, you'll never know
All there is to ever know
Find yourself a wild beast
And fall in love with mysteries

Mysterious Me

Mysterious me
Mysterious you
Mysterious things that both of us do

Mysterious you, mysterious me
Mysterious us, mysterious we
And mysterious love