Take away my light
You don't know who I am
Take away my heart
I would not be able to stand
Im livin' the moment
But I'm drownin' in quicksand
Believin' in hope
So I reach out my hand
I pray for the guidance come reach me
Won't you reach me?
Won't love heal me?
You know I need to breath, see
See, I've been on this journey on my own
Seen so many things
From the birds in the sky to the sun as it sings

So I won't regret, no
When things get hard
And I'll learn to take a breath now
And I see through the dark
Through the dark
Through the dark
Through the dark
I see, I see you with my heart

Learn to see with your heart now
You can see through the dark now
Just bеlieve and stand proud, stand proud, stand proud
You know you gotta stand proud, things can be crazy
You know you gotta but thе greatest blessing we have is in the gift of being alive

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