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[Chorus: Hi-C & Yen5k]
Got a bad b*t*h on me (Got a bad b*t*h on me)
f**king on two freaks in a hotel suite
Pull up in a SRT (Pull up in a SRT)
G-lock on my waist and it came wit' a beam (Bih)
Party every night, no sleep (Bih, bih, bih)
Pour up two lines of that lean (Bih, bih)
b*t*h love to snort coke, she a fiend (Bih, bih)
Pull up to the scene, Dior jeans

Surf Gang, b*t*h

[Chorus: Yen5k]
Ah, yah, yah
Hunnids hunnids on me [?]
I just count my hunnids in the moonlight like I'm Dracula
She just wanna throw that ass on me and I ain't mad at her
I'ma throw the ones up in the club, just watch 'em back it up
Baby see these hunchos and look now she wanna back it up

[Verse 1: Yen5k]
[?] balling n***a I just need a [?]
Lil' boy, you know we keep them f**king [?] like a [?]
If I hop up in this coupe, [?] chillin' Five-0
Watch when we pull up we spin your block just like a cyclone
[?] now I'm watching where the time go
She-she just wanna smoke [?] she want her mind blown
She been acting crazy baby you must be a pyscho
She be acting like a psyco, she crazy like she Michael
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