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Hohh (Hohh)
Hohh (Hohh)
Heaven or Hell, let's rock!
Ohh (Ohh)
Blood, darkness, come unto me!

You think you know me (You think)
You wanna control me (Control me)
S'okay, don't be scared (S'okay)
Why you think that I don't care?
I can be the one to wipe your tears
She get on top, let down your hair
Told you, let's let no one know
I know you more than you know yourself
I feel your heartbeat (I feel)
I f**ked up, just promise me (I f**ked up)
I f**ked up, you're just like (I f**ked up)
Let's get f**ked up, [?] high
I'm f**ked up, I'm f**ked up (f**ked up)
I'm so f**ked in the head (So f**ked)
Told me you wish you were dead (Told me)
You're f**ked up, you're just like me (Just like me)
When I think of you (Ohh)
When I'm high, I want to (Ohh)
Dig my nails in your skin (Ohh)
I don't want this night to end (Don't want)
I don't want you to forget (Don't want)
I don't want you to pretend (Don't)
Was on shrooms, you [?] said
You asked me what I'm thinking (So [?])

[?] that I know ([?] that I know)
I look in your eyes (I look in your eyes)
Let me kiss you all over (Let me kiss you all over)
Say you'll be mine forever (Say you'll be mine forever)

Ahh (Ahh)
Ahh (Ohh)
Ahh (Ahh)
There's no turning back

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