pu**y-pu**y yeah, in this b*t*h cash cobras in this b*t*h...

Co-cobra, I pour a four up you know I'm leanin'

Baby, Co-cobra, I pour a four up you know I'm leanin'
Shrek-shrek pack it keep my eyes low, im looking Chinky??
Do-dope sick, I'm having withdrawls, I feel uneasy
Skittles got me feeling tranquil, they're so relieving
Sprinkle-sprinkle this inside the blunt, bro cause it relieve me
Suppressed these evil thoughts that I keep ?conceiving?
Bank-bank rolls, my funds increasing, we smoking ?Chibi?
Tests me, but can't defeat me, 'cause you're a weakling
Text-text, еnergy is peaking, and she rеleased me
Just told that b*t*h I loved her and she believed me!
Real-real weed I love that dope up, I'm smoking freebies
Sex, more like shawty neck me, lil shawtie leech me
Yes-yes like the way she please me, cause she ??
No I cannot trust the ?? these b*t*hes sneaky
Money-money yeah I gotta have it, its so intriguing
Gwuap gives me satisfaction, it just completes
Money-money yeah I keep it 'round me, I'm very clean
Mantr-mantra , I'm chanting mantras, praying to ??
Lean-lean blunts, I'm smoking lean blunts ??
Blood-blood keeps me so conceded I'm very c*cky
Blood-blood keep that ??? why'd you finesse??
Pus-pu**y, but he won't press me, so I'm not stressing
Bad-bad b*t*h, she very sexy, but I'm not sweating
Goon-goons??, I put my d**k out, I bet she neck me
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