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"Kick Back"

What up Chance?
Man I heard the party was at your crib
(Yo that b*tch down the street though, just walk like 2 blocks)
Hey man I see people in there jammin'
It's getting that juke energy
No that's not your cousin G
I see all the BO squad, LOC down

[Verse 1: Chance The Rapper]
Welcome to the kick back, the last of the summer
The night 'fore we all go, we all gotta come up
You all gotta celebrate with class right in front
Grab a blunt of the loud and a glass with some rum-a
My momma's gone, so we about to get so gone
First get the swishes out, then get your roll on
Then get your roach out, we bought to burn a whole zone
Keep sparkin' up until you sitting on the ozone
Lot of hoes is dressed up but why the f*ck they clothes on?
First get the liquor out, then get these hoes gone
E'rbody feelin' great, go and get your good on
But first get your bread out e'erbody and put on
Then get the fight night, go and get it crackin'
Why you gettin' mad then, it's just a little Madden
And then run a buddy for a little bit of beer pong
In front of shorty lookin' forward to the beer bong
How you this drunk man, you wasn't even here long
This night gotta last like the whole school year long

[Hook: Chance The Rapper]
Welcome to the kick back, go 'head and kick back
Just keep my house clean before my momma get back
Keep on passing if you wasn't finna hit that
Go and pass the glass if you wasn't finna sip that
I'm just gonna sit back, find a girl to chit chat
Then find a diff spot so maybe we can dip sack
Dip off and as soon as we get back
Do it all over again
Welcome to the kick back

[Verse 2: Joey Purp as Joey Davis]
Welcome to the kick back
Why you got the blunt in your hand my n*gga split that
Why you show up if you ain't tryna get it in
Beggin' in my ear while we blown' in the wind
Chanceno mixing that juice after the gin
And I know it's strong but you gotta hold it in
And if you just gettin' here all the smoke is in the back room
n*ggas hit the liquor store they should be comin' back soon
And this sh*t's a winner so my eyes are racoon
Me and Chance man this b*tch it's finna be a rap soon


Welcome to the kick back
Welcome to the kick back
Welcome to the kick back

Eh man Chance, let me in this party though

Some f*ckin' loud

(Was this 3 dollars? What is this)
Naw man, boy, this was 30 dollar boy
(You paid 30 dollars for a fin sack?)
Naw man that's the loud, you finna be gone

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