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Pharrell Williams


[Verse 1: Pusha T]
Playas we ain't the same, I'm into 'caine and guns
Chopard with the fishes, make the face lift numb
Out in Panama in that amazing sun; I'm amazing, son
You n*ggas wonder where my grace is from
I speak with corrupted tongue
Recognized the underworld since I was young
Back in '84 when I saw Crockett & Tubbs as the law
These eyes got big when they televised that raw
My mama should've seen it comin'
Me runnin' up and down the stairs too quick
Hummin' Miami Vice theme music
Calderone made me colder
I see the villains' impact, now that I'm older
Ignorant fool, views ignorant, too
Got a lot of money, keep militant tools
Wasn't present the session they handed out the rules
So I gravitated, related to life's cruels
The meaning? Pusha T's more than he's seeming
Not just a rap name, more so like a damn shame
Nothing's changed, just the crimes is less heinous
The three of us know, yet the shooter remains nameless
And I don't even watch my back
I was raw before rap, and I ain't lost my past
sh*t could get hairy, I could lose myself in a flash
n*ggas'll think I'm Jim Carrey how I off that mask

[Verse 2: Malice]
I even went by the book at first
Until I realized 9 to 5 wouldn't quench my thirst
So I start my mission, leave my residence
Mama knew that a child like me had better sense
But something had to give, that's real, I had to live
I chefed that soft white and pumped from her crib
Scout's honor, started with my grandmama
Who distributed yay she had flown in from the Bahamas
Partner, please, I grinds, I hustle with ease
Can damn near eyeball any weight in my sleep
I don't entertain hate surrounding the street
If I was you, I'd be tryna get down with me
But no, see these n*ggas know too much
Meanwhile I rock jewels that look like my diamonds blush
Cats act as if rap fell in my lap
I've suffered heartbreak many times back to back
And still feel belittled sittin' here spittin' riddles
Amongst clown ass rappers who tend to give me the giggles
Let 'em take it however they wanna take it
I'm the reason your favorite MC's no longer your favorite
Hey, I'm one of the greats, I can't lie
I mean great to the point I'm concerned I might die
Make no mistake, Malice is who you tuned to
It's all in the name, trust, I will wound you

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