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Pharrell Williams

"The Greatest Romance Ever Sold (Neptunes Remix)"

The greatest romance that's ever been sold

[Verse 1:]
So what do U know
U and me finally face 2 face
Checkin' each other up and down
In all the obvious places

[Rap: Q-Tip]
All the places in the world we live
They can't hold a candle to the light you give
For real, for real
I have a outlook that's truly uncommon
And if you follow me
You're more than a honor, man
The reason why I'm placed on the earth's face
Is spitting rhymes, getting mine's
Watching your waist, hourglass
Then you give me hot flash
This romance give heat of a sonic blast

So this is where you end
And you and I begin

The greatest romance that's ever been sold
(I ain't no thug tonight
I'mma stay home and make love tonight)
The greatest romance that's ever been sold
(I ain't trying to bang
Maybe this gon will help me change)

[Verse 2:]
Now your mind is open
2 poetry seldom heard
Ur heart has never been broken
Until u've heard these words

[Rap: Q-Tip]
Givin' off the air like your thang don't smell
You better answer all of that love
Inside your heart, right now
Shorty, look, in the scheme of it all
We could really make it work
When our back's on the wall
For real, for real
Give a week and let your man know
I'll come running
He's heartless
Hold my hand
Yo, he's just fronting
It's time now
Let's dance eternally
They looking at us laughing
But our love is what's concerning me



Lemme holla at you, babe (holla, holla)

Oh, oh I know U can feel me
I know that U can dance
But what do U know about the greatest romance?
Not what U think but what U believe
Can you tell me the real reason that Adam never left Eve?
I ain't gonna leave you baby

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