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Pharrell Williams


[intro: Snoop Dogg]

Yeah its yo big homie snoop from the 90s i came here to dance just what the f*ck get out of the way of me and my crew uh hun i love the kush uh hun ya know its me and beiber its ya big homie and the n*ggas from my day so like pac told me keep ya head up and start whipping like a mothaf*cka lil n*gga uh hun its me and yachty yeah and if they ask what my prob is just tell them that im...

[Hook: Justin Beiber]

Oh. yeah babe whipping yeah my love whipping on my love its groundbreaking my love for you so let me love you X2

[Verse 1: Justin beiber]

Never expected to see this hunh its so amazing to see the love my girl gives me oh damn it all makes no since some say in crazy with my physic powers but really its that i got a father figure and a hundred ladies oh damn all these people om my style oh damn alll these concerts man

[Hook: Justin beiber]

[Verse 2: Lil yachty]

Yeah lil n*gga shawty want everything from the necklace at the shop to to my love sh*t i was stalked by my everything sh*t man im so crazy shes so crack on that dope i eat so much shrimp and smoke so much himp i just blew my mind out on some real gangsta sh*t going from denver to memphis over and over chilling with the zoo fetty wap and the n*gga baby yeah yachty

[Hook: justin beiber]

[Verse 3: Fetty wap]

Yeah baby king of the zoo its the trap queen on my sh*t wow me and monty we be kickng it ln the remy boyz and smoke da weed everyday but make sure not to smoke the seeds wow if you ait been to da skreets you dumb sh*t yeah

[Hook: Justin beiber]

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