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Pharrell Williams


[Produced by the Neptunes]

I'm, I'm actually waitin on the boss now
He said we have some kind of special assignment or something
He's supposed to be callin' me, like any minute now, any minute
Hold on, hold on, lemme get the phone
Hello? Jackson here
Ya, what? you found Manuel Noriega?
In the Philipines?
He has a mansion?
Ok, we're on it, we're on it right now... bye

[Hook: Noreaga and Tammy Lucas]
What, what, what, what, what, what, wh-what!

[Verse 1]
We light a candle
Run laps around the English Channel
Neptunes, I got a c*cker spaniel
We on the run now, you know it ain't no fun now
And where I go, yo n*ggas can't even come now
You hate the law, n*gga break it, I don't care
But when you get caught, remember that I don't care
N.O.R.E., loved throughout the atmosphere
That mean now we on the run, yo if that ain't clear
Weak n*ggas wanna snitch yo but that ain't fair
Yo we down in Vegas, money, skies too courageous
I know I'm on the run but still rip stages
They call me animal thug, when I'm in cages
I used to boost razors, roll dice with no aces
Now I live secluded in the oasis
Gotta take spaces, no time for car races
Check my Skytel, I got five pages


[Verse 2]
Yo hit Lousiana, then Atlanta, Indiana
Forget a city slicker, got country grammar
Aiyyo we goin places where my SoundScan ain't tough
To where I say I ain't Nore, yo it ain't that rough
I leave the jake in my face, asking all this stuff
I gotta keep my mouth shut and don't say what, what
But yo it's hard to, knuckleheads got the heart to
Yo from New Orleans, L.A., V.A. to Queens
The I-95, now we hit the Philippines
But now it's different, we gotta stay sober
Yo, communicate, StarTAC, Motorola
Keep it on the hush hush, don't talk too much
Thugged Out Entertainment, you know we touch
All our whips got navigation
While your whips is just garbation
Is you knowing what you facing?


[Hook 2: Pharrell]
This is the life, yo, of a superstar
Fly ass mansions and a million cars
Gotta get the cash yo
And it's live or die
The Neptunes and Noreaga
The limit is the sky

[Verse 3]
Yo, lemme do it again, do it to win
Last album was a eight, this one is a ten
And when Capone come home, we gon' triple the sin
Yo I love my family, treat my folks like kin
Rock a ’embrero, like I'm Mexican
Shouting out my pops, cause yo next to him
He told me every thug n*gga is a gentlemen
So I took heed, take my time still won't speed
You know a n*gga got kids, so my family need
A little more than they used to get
Real not the duplicate
Taking no falls, making y'all just recouping it
Doing it up, tell me whatcha wanna do wit' it
Capone's plan, passport to foreign land
Overseas in Japan, politicking with Chan
Yo, N-E-P-T-U-N-E-S
The way they lace a beat like one of the best, what?


[Hook 2]

Yo, N.O.R.E., Nore, stand for now we on the run eating

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