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Pharrell Williams


Its a shaded remix baby

I'ma get it how I live it
*How i live it*
Live it how I get it
*How i get it*
Tell em hold up wait a minute
I'ma twist it
When I stick it
f*ck a mission
You'll go missing
Hope you listen
I'ma finish with a quickness
And If I said it then I meant it
*Then i meant it*
No need to be offended
I'm in the kitchen squeezing lemons
For the iced tea
Yeah I might be
I'm cool peeps
Till u f*ck wit me or my family
Lack of tree
Makes me angry
Blacked out and u can't see
And you can't be
In a vicinity
In witch you can't breathe
I speak
On a level these
Pussies just can't fease
I Keep it spinning like a raffle
sh*t I baffle wit ease

See I told her i'ma hit it
*Ima hit it*
She bent over then I did it
*Then... then i did it*
She in love wit how I lick it
I mean infatuated
Ion f*ck wit nothing basic
f*ck up her walls
Going balls
I Like to deface it
If pus*y running
I'ma chase it
If im c*mmin she Gon face it

She live round the old way
I'm posted in West so
She she try to swallow it all
It Don't fit all her mouth tho
She said she got a man buh it don't matter cause I'm dope
All we ever do is f*ck it's how she gets her free smoke
She be Workin
Show up to her job
And i'ma give her service
Legs shaking
Like I got her nervous
She stay on the pill so I'll bust up in it on purpose
di*k so good
She don't curse but she cursing
Turned her phone off
Got up in it like a surgeon
Cooking up hits I'm the sh*t
Spitting shirtless
Get to talking about whatever
b*tch shut up
You so erkin

I be so shaded
And they hate it
Get a thick Jamaican
We can make it
Every time I smoke
Never choke
Breathe in intervals
Baby bend it over
Look over ya shoulder
I'ma enter you

f*ck you think I do all day
Jay Shades works hard
Got her Face in her crack
Pull it back like crowbar
Mami head game flames
She blow me like blow torch
Take a trip to her water park
Relax at the resort

Why the f*ck u b*tchin
*Why u b*tchin*
Hold ya neck up lemme slit it
*Lemme slit it*
Then go and tell ya friends I did it
I'm not mad I'm f*ckin livid
*f*ckin livid*
Everyone's a f*ckin critic
*f*ckin critic*
I'ma say it how I spit it
Don't give a f*ck about your interests
*Bout your interests*
I hear you talking
I don't listen
*I don't*
Sound like nothin but some clickin
Foreign language type sh*t
Always on some hype sh*t
Wanna apply pressure to ya throat til ya wind pipe spits
Listen to these words as they roll of my lips
Only lit
Only high because of you
Your the pilot
Scenes is heightening
Not suppressing
Jay shades starting an uprising
If the cops don't find out it ain't a crime then
And i'm still rhyming
Break it like a hymen

*I'm dumb as sh*t*
Shaded Remix 2
Fuego Gang Thang Baby
Hold up wait a minuet break ya neck before i listen
That's another track tho
Y'all gon love that

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