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Pharrell Williams

"Neon Guts (Revibe)"

Nate curry verse:
Neon guts, just light my blunt
Neon orange, neon green, neon pink
Got me gone like nowhere to be seen
Doing things that your assnwouldn't believe
Don't be mad if I flake if you're asking for the free
Imma do it when I do it just not a priority
Where the cheese I jump on it like a flea
With my queen keep me where i need to be

Baegod Verse:
Waiting on me hand and foot I say it's a no dog
Hating on me while I cook that's gonna get you no food
Seasoned places that you not, put in time you took off
Wouldn't have it how I do but I know how to joog tho
Rile me up, show me the stuff, is it a hit, is it enough
I got a plan, I got a down come with the goods throw you a dub
Is it enough, did what I could, do what I want, do what you would
If you were smart, know where to look, see all this work
And dial me up

Sbvce Verse:
We on clutch, never be on lunch, we are us
Pr us like a kiddie crush, how they be on us
Skate than lean on us, we don't cut, we know what the f*ck
Patience we don't rush out of luck, keep it bout a buck
Turn a half a zone into a truck, always cali'd up like
Rallies on a cut, probably stunt your growth
Durbin poison in a blunt, always in my bag white lady and her son

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