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Pharrell Williams

"The Message"


[Verse 1]
Esquire and GQ
Don't kid yourself trying to say "Me too"
Rid yourself of thinking that me is you
You ain't me and n*gga you can't be
I got the flow irregular, so ahead of ya
The virtue hurts you 30 thousand for the cellular
I got a million in the air
Secret service men you don't know that they there

[Break: DJ Drama]
Gangsta Grizzil
I got a lifetime supply of ICECREAMs!

[Verse 2]
You can't assassinate when I'm in my flashy state
They smuggle in the actress with the ass in late
She hungry she wanna know how soon
Chill ma we got Mr. Chow's in the room
Eat how you supposed to, sleep how you supposed to
Sit in the motherf*cking back seat like you supposed to
This for certain we totally urk 'em
Put down the window but leave up the curtain
f*ck with their minds and do the reversing
Open up the boat with your grill just smirkin'
Gangsta grizzil bright light like a vigil
The watch full of water but I guess it's on chizzil
Don't get izzil cause if it get for real
The AK-47 assault rifle
Don't get up for more cause I'll hit you with a refill
Or hit you in the spine and leave that ass cripple
All of you is dizzil or, or cat pizzil
Bubble in the heat so they temperature sizzle
Them n*ggas rizzil

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