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Pharrell Williams



Y’all don’t even know have if it ahaaaaaaaaaaa

Verse 1: Ariana

Thought it was monday
It was actually sunday
Can’t even express
How much lovin’
I felt from you

Verse 2: Ariana

I hope you know
It wasn’t a dream
I hope you know
It’s not what
It seems

Pre-Chorus: BOTH

I’m you’re, wet dream
You’re wet dream
You make love to me
In you’re, wet,wet dream

Verse 2: Khalid

Oh cherry, sweet pea
Do you know
What you do to me
You make me drip like
A cup
Sweet and soft baby
It’s enough

Outro: BOTH

And i
I hope you know that
It’s not what it, seems
It’s just a little

Wet, dream

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