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Pharrell Williams

"Sammy Freestyle #2"

[Intro: Samuel]
Yo Samuel in this b*tch
Put her in the ditch cause she snitched
I wanna change my name to Mitch

[Verse 1]
Ay what's up it's Sam
Here to eat a lot of ham
And f*ck on your mam
And stab on your dad
The one I never had

[Verse 2]
All these chinese mother f*ckers eating dog
While I'm here sitting in the kitchen eating hog
In minecraft chopping up some logs

[Verse 3]
Yeah I ran away from my son
He ain't got no dad no more, hun
You could call me deadbeat I don't give a f*ck
But in the end she still wants to give me a hug
My homie's called Doug

[Verse 4]
Benjamin, benjamin
Yeah these n*ggas call me Benjamin
Just look at my dollars and you'll see why
But don't go running off without saying bye

Bye b*tch
(Yeah, yeah)

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