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Tommy Wright III

"Drive By"

Roll down the window and smoke

[Verse 1: Tommy Wright III]
Hanging up out the window smoking on the indo
Gotta get them fools
'Cause they gave the cops a little info
Nine on my waistline
I get high gun on my thigh
Ridin' low
Scoopin' up n*ggas in the hood that say they wanna go
Gotta roll Backstreets
Smokin´ a junt with my n*gga Mac-T
Al in the backseat
Lookin' for n*ggas we might wanna creep
Ridin' n' blazin'
Rollin´ through Fraysers
Step to me and we gon' squab'
Nothing but some born gangsters
Hesitate can't wait to rob
n*gga be wondering why Tommy be clickin'
But sometimes ey that´s just the way that I am
If you duck you still messed up
That ain't gon' help protect yourself
Now it´s just you against my gas pedal and my break
And since you shot a full four corners
This is the last breath you will take
Now you´re running through people yards
Scared you gonna end up dead
Jumping gates
But you can't escape this laser infrared
Spray your ass
Just like they did Ricky on that Boyz In The Hood
Fool 'cause I'm coming out the sunroof with some fire
It´s a drive-by

[Verse 2: Mac T Dog]
Here's the Glock
Watch I chop your head off
Shoot a trick
Caused his dead
Come in like the horror flick
Get a car
Kill 'em all
Ballin on expressway [?]
Cheefin' mane
I'm insaneTommy's sayin'
Then we're makin' gangster stains
Spot a fool
He gotta keep
Hook up on Lakers Street
Start the crap game
f*ck with chump change
Won yo' sh*t
I´m venting mane
Down town now
This my [?]
With a half a pine of crime
Drunk as hell
Can't you tell
Who f*cks with me
I wanna take
Stomped that trick in the eye
See you trick I'm out at five
Shot that fool in a eye
'Cause I did a drive-by

[Verse 3: Mac T Dog]
Headed to the scene
As I run up in the path way
c*ck my nine Glock
Hit 'em off
At the ally way
Tommy pop the clip into the bomb
Played the .44
Keep some extra bullets
'Cause you know we finna get ´em though
Ridin' in the car, flat
Paranoid locked out
.30-30 in my hand to run up in a trick's house
Keep my hoopty on
'Cause I finna do a drive-by
Stain got the stain
Like I [?]
Sippin' on my brew
As I tamper with my .44
Slowly by surely to get you trick
And send you to yo' funeral
Bullets to your dome
'Cause I´m constantly peelin´ caps back
Leave my roadie Tommy
Finna spray these tricks like Cracker Jacks
Once again
Rollin' in my hoopty
Somebody finna die
See you trick and get the [?]
I´m finna do a drive-by

Roll down the window
And smoke

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