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Major Nine

"I Deserve It All"

[Intro: Ball Greezy]

[Verse 1: Major Nine]
I'm on this liquor and this weed just to balance
Remember people tellin' me I couldn't have this
They told me that I would never ever be sh*t
Now my watch and my chain make 'em seasick
Yeah it took a lil minute but it's worth the wait
Every day starting to feel like a birthday
n***as tried to sh*t on me in the worst way
But I kept that sh*t a hundred since the first day

[Chorus: Major Nine]
I deserve it all, yeah, yeah
Baby I deserve it all, yeah, yeah
And I'm like I deserve it all, yeah
I'm like i deserve it all, yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah, ayy

[Verse 1: Ball Greezy]
n***as wonder why Greezy don't smile
Mama bucked cancer by a mile
I done been through the ups and downs
The back and forths and the round and rounds, yeah
A real food stamp baby
Born and raised in Lil Haiti, yeah
I can't even lie, yeah the streets ain't been the same lately, yeah
n***as don't keep it G no more
See they don't make 'em like me no more
Yeah, red and blue lights behind me
Where the heat gon' go, yeah
Surrender or shoot it out
I heard they don't care about you and I, huh
I'm tired of even living like this
How the hell we raising kids like this, yeah, huh
Who made you n***as? who raised you n***as? yeah
When them crackers offer 25 to life who gon' save you n***a? yeah
Not your homie, your friend
None of your b*t*hes or kin
I got homies in the pen
Fightin' for appeal just to do it again
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