Eric Reprid

"10 O’clock"

Ten O'clock
Fiendin' for the guap
I be beamin'
Losin' balance yo b*t*h fallin' on my jock
They like (what what)
Smell like genius that's my Elon musk
10 O'clock and that's PM, bein' patient with my buzz

[Verse 1]
You can't rock with us
I can't rock fitted's
I don't cap with 'em
I see fake on 'em
The ice look fake on em
(Nah f**k this flow)
I got too Drake on 'em

b*t*h don't follow me
I just want my cheese
Money be the villain I'm still gobblin' up my green
They like (ooh damn)
Block you like a beaver
Yellow fellow he just need a Beamer
Or a chick like Rita
She wanna get wild
10 O'clock she bust it down
Showin' me she with the bounce
On me she got me like wow
Knowin' she give me a smile
Walk on a square like a tile
I gotta wrap it up now, meet her at 8 I'm drivin' a mile
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