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Eric Reprid


Focus on me
I don't know myself enough
Give me what I need
You don’t give me nothing, nothing

[Verse 1]
Days passing, they asking
'Bout my business, and how I'm living
Paradigm shifted, it’s imprinted
In my system
Stay adamant
Cause they rambling
Saying sh*t but they knowledge is irrelevant
I'mma leave yea
Wavey I'mma see yea
Made it like a speech
But I ain't no speaker
Just take the back seat yea
2am and I'm speeding
All my days feeling like the weekend
Living with a curfew used to be a burden
Now I need a curfew to keep my body working
Seeming on the surface
All I do is clown like I'm working in the circus
So she getting

[Verse 2]
Mama telling me to get a job yea
I'm still at home ain't making nada
Told her I’m get it popping
Just be patient we gon’ profit

And she like in yo dreams lil' boy
I just want a normal lil’ boy
The job and family lil' boy
So go and get degree lil' boy

You still a lil' boy
All that sh*t be noise
You f*ckin’ unemployed

But she don't know it right
She don't know the nights
Could faded could be working all the same when it's in her mind
I'm just wasting time
But my ego taking hold of me
Like what the f*ck you say not me
We out shooting I don't need no sleep
I ain't reaching got the things I need

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