Eric Reprid

"Cold World"

[Verse 1]
My head so messed up but I can’t fold to no fear
Got sights set right up on these bands that I’m gon' use to wipe tears
5 years still stickin' to the plans I made when I was a jit
Told moms I can’t go live no normal life won’t stop 'till I’m rich
Said where were you when I was down bad
Now the money comin' to me so fast
Left the ho she a big dub straight forward with it I won’t go back
Everybody livin' better I still remember times we done broke down
Plotted on this come up I gotta get a bag for the fam now but

I got nobody to lean on got a cold hеart in a cold world
Ever since you left I don’t know what’s nеxt I ain’t found closure
I keep a knife in my chest just to cut hoes off I don’t know 'em
Leavin' a b*t*h in the past I gotta go now it’s over
Left me out here grievin'
sh*t don’t add up baby I'mma get even
It's a cold world baby and I’m just gettin' heated
Said I’m the only one I ever really needed

[Verse 2]
I gotta find a way outta this f**kin' position
I stay with the gang and don’t stress 'bout no b*t*hes
I took all my pain and I put it in records they turn up the speaker I turn it to riches
When I’m alone the past come back to haunt me so I feel like turnin' that boy to a Casper
When I’m off whiskey I feel like myself and I’ll turn that b*t*h up cause it really don’t matter
I got my mind on my money
Paranoid they all look at me funny
Stressed out so my liver stay muddy
Pipe down you won’t take nothin' from me
I don’t need nobody to love me
I don’t ever put nobody above me
Did the time you can’t say that I’m lucky
sh*t done changed b*t*h stay away from me
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