PaRappa The Rapper


[Intro: Guru Ant]
You wanna be big?
You wanna grow big...

[Lesson 1: Guru Ant]
Revolutions all the time, people changing the world with crime
With violence and anger, hunger, whatever
I find that ridiculous, if not meticulous
I do my best to guard my own premises

What's your name? What's your name fool?
(What's my name? What's my name fool?)
What's that sound? Who that be? Huh?
(What's that sound? Who that be? Huh?)
Where you come from? Where you come from?
(Where I come from? Where I come from?)

You think you're big? You think you're big kid?
(I think I'm big? I think I'm big kid?)
Is your desire to grow back again?
(Is my desire to grow back again?)
You came to the right place, I'll make you big
(I came to the right place, you'll make me big)


[Lesson 2: Guru Ant]
What's this? What's this? What's this? A trick with a twist?
Somebody do something, call somebody and make it quick
I'm sorry, I lied, just wanted, to guide, everybody through this and go with the ride

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